Our conviction

We believe that the future of an organization is built with and for its stakeholders. This is why we work with our clients to help them engage theirs. Our objective is to create favorable conditions for them to express themselves as well as for new ideas to emerge. Whatever the format, we believe in the power of interactivity and collective intelligence.

Our solutions

Hosting inspiring talks using short and interactive formats

The objective of these short interventions, from 1 to 2 hours, is to inspire participants on a specific topic. Depending on your context and the size of the audience, we prepare the content and offer several formats specifically designed to be as interactive and dynamic as possible. For example by transforming testimonials into interviews, or even in a fun way through quizzes or battles.

Examples of formats: Conferences, round tables, quizzes, video clips, interviews, etc.


Crafting collaborative workshops whether in-person or remotely

These workshops aim to involve your employees in a practical and concrete way, for example as part of a seminar. Whether in-person or remotely, we divide participants in sub-groups so that they can discuss strategic topics prepared and approved beforehand. Based on the expected deliverables, we adjust the duration, the pedagogical tools and the animation techniques.

Examples of formats: Brainstormings, serious games, roleplay, business challenges, design thinking, etc.

Building custom-made programs depending on the scope of the project

Building custom-made programs depending on the scope of the project


The scope of certain projects sometimes implies to engage a large audience, whether they are employees, customers, suppliers or partners. In this case, we imagine dedicated programs, which can be spread over several days or several weeks, the formats of which vary according to the type of event. For example during an onboarding seminar for managers, a learning expedition, a roadshow, or a fair such as Vivatech etc.

Examples of formats: Seminars, team buildings, Digital Days, roadshows, exhibitions, etc.


What have we already done to engage?

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